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18 names for boys with diminutives that are very popular in Spain

18 names for boys with diminutives that are very popular in Spain

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Have you already chosen the name for your baby? If you are reading these lines, the most likely thing is that you are still thinking about the matter, and it is no wonder, choosing the name of your little one is an important issue as it will accompany him throughout his life. Did you know that there are those who even say that names define part of the personality of each one? Be that as it may, you are sure to read this list of names for boys with their diminutives It will be of great help to you to choose the one for your child. All of them are very popular names in Spain. Know its origin and its meaning!

There are many variables that must be taken into account when thinking about the name that the baby you are expecting will carry. Will it be a compound or simple name? A modern one or a classic one that also follows the family tradition? Or maybe it's one inspired by the city you live in? We want to contribute our grain of sand so that you make the right decision by making yourself known an extensive list with 18 names with their diminutives, It never hurts to take them into account when choosing our favorite.

In addition, know the meaning, the origin and the name day according to the saints of these names. The more data you have, the easier it is to make the perfect decision, don't you think?

1. Sebastian
Name for children from Spain of Greek origin, specifically it comes from the word 'sebasteano' which in turn derives from the verb 'sebazo'. It has two possible diminutives Sebas or Bastián and means 'to revere, to honor, venerable and honorable'. His name day is January 20.

2. Juan Manuel
This is one of those successful compound names with Juan. Juanma is the diminutive of this name for children that has its origin in the Hebrew term 'Yohanan' or 'Yehohanan' and which literally means 'Yahweh is good', 'Yahweh is merciful'. It is a name that is very nice with short surnames. Juan's name day is celebrated on June 24 and Manuel's on January 1.

3. Manuel
It is a name that comes from the Hebrew word 'Emmanu' and which means 'God is with us'. Its diminutive is Manu, although they are also often called Manolo. As we have already said before, his saint is on January 1.

4. Salvador
Male name whose origin is in ancient Latin, more specifically in the name 'Salvator', which in turn has its origin in the verb 'salvare'. Its meaning comes from the Roman term 'Salvador' or 'God saves'. Its diminutive is Salva and its name day is celebrated every August 6.

5. Rodrigo
Male name of Germanic origin. It comes from the term 'goth hrod' ​​which means 'glory', 'fame' and from the term 'rikja' which means 'wealth'. Rodrigo was also the name of the Cid Campeador, a Hispanic hero recognized by the reconquest. His saint is celebrated on March 13 and his diminutive is Rodri.

6. Francisco
Name for children from Spain that has several diminutives such as Paco, Pancho or Fran. Its meaning is 'French man or the one who comes from France'. According to experts, its origin is not entirely clear, but it has always been said that it comes from Central Europe and that it gained fame thanks to Saint Francis of Assisi. His saint is October 4.

7. Eduardo
Name for children whose diminutive is Eduar or Lalo. It is a name of German origin and means 'the guardian of wealth'. It never goes out of style and looks good with any last name. His name day is October 13.

8. Rafael
Name for children whose diminutive is Rafa and which has its origin in Hebrew. It means 'God has healed' and its name day is celebrated on October 24. Do you like how it sounds when you say it followed by the surnames that your baby will wear?

9. Santiago
Classic name in Spain that comes from the Hebrew name 'Ya'akov', its meaning is 'held by the heel', its diminutive is Santi and its name day is celebrated every July 25. It is very common especially in Galicia for being its patron and for the well-known Camino de Santiago.

10. Alexander
Name for boys whose most popular diminutives are Alex, Ale, or Alejo. It is of Greek origin and means 'the one who protects men'. His saint is February 26.

11. Antonio
Name for children from Spain of Greek origin, its diminutives are Toni, Toño or Toñín and it has always been said that its meaning is unknown. January 17 is his saint although depending on whether it is accompanied by another name it may vary by day.

12. Fernando
Fer is its diminutive but affectionately they are also called Nando and it is a masculine name that comes from the Germanic 'Firthunands' and which means 'bold in freedom'. His saint is celebrated every May 30.

13. Ishmael
Name of Hebrew origin that means 'God listens', its diminutive is Isma and its name day is celebrated on June 17. Another name that has a long tradition in many cities in Spain.

14. Cristian
Name of Greek origin. Cristian, which also comes from Latin and means 'follower of Christ'. Its diminutive is Cris which can also be used for its feminine variant Cristina. It has another variant in several regions: Cristiano. His name day is November 12.

15. Jesus
Name for children of Spain of Hebrew origin. Chuo or Chús are its diminutives. It means 'Yavhé is salvation' and is one of the most popular names in the world. His name day is January 3.

16. Javier
It is the name and Javi its diminutive. It is another name for children that already has a long tradition in Spain. It is of Basque origin and means 'new house', 'castle'. His name day is December 3 and admits many compound names such as Francisco Javier.

17. Daniel
Its diminutive is Dani, its origin is Hebrew and its meaning 'justice of God'. Its feminine variant is Daniela who shares a diminutive and her saint is July 21.

18. Roberto
Name of Germanic origin whose diminutive is Rober although they can also be called Robbie. It comes from the Germanic terms 'hroth' (fame) and 'behrt' (illustrious) and means 'illustrious for his fame'. His name day is April 17.

So far the list with the most common names for children in Spain with their diminutives, have you already decided which of them is the one that your little one is going to take?

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