Santa Claus: an old man in a red suit and a white beard with many names

Santa Claus: an old man in a red suit and a white beard with many names

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The Christmas it is celebrated throughout the world. Each country has its traditions and legends, and although Santa Claus is only one, the way of calling him varies from one country to another.

What does not change is the figure of the paunchy old man, with a rosy complexion, dressed in a red suit and a long white beard, who has become the main character at Christmas parties.

Santa Claus walks the night of Christmas Eve the skies of the entire planet, aboard his sleigh pulled by reindeer, to bring the children their desired Christmas gifts and fulfill the wishes and illusions of each and every child in the world. However, in each country it is known by a different name.

As a curiosity, below we show you a list with the different ways of naming Santa Claus in various countries of the world:

- Germany- Nikolaus or Weihnachtsmann, literally, 'Christmas Man'

- Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay- Santa Claus

- Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador - Santa Claus and sometimes Santa Claus

- Brazil- Santa Claus

- chili- Santa Claus

- Costa Rica- Colacho (most popular), Santa Claus and Santa

- Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua -Santa Claus pronounced as 'Santi Cló' or 'Santa Clós', or simply Santa

- Denmark- Julemanden, literally 'Christmas Man'

- Spain- Santa Claus or Santa Claus due to the influence of American movies. Furthermore, in Catalonia it is called Pare Noel or 'Tió de Nadal'; in the Basque Country and Navarra, the Olentzero; and in Galicia Pai Nadal or Apalpador

- U.S- Santa Claus

- Finland- Joulupukki, literally 'Christmas Goat'

- France- Père Noël

- Honduras- San Nicolás or Santa Clós

- Hungary- Télapó

- England - Father Christmas

- Iran- Baba Noel

- Ireland - Daidí na Nollag

- Iceland- Jólasveinn

- Italy- Babbo Natale

- Mexico - Santa Claus, Santa and Father Christmas

- Norway- Julenissen, literally 'Christmas Elf'

- Netherlands- Kerstman, literally 'Christmas Man'

- Panama- Santa Claus

- Peru- Santa Claus, Santa or Santa Clós

- Poland- Swiety Mikolaj

- Portugal- Pai Natal

- Romania- Mos Cräciun

- Russia - Cahta-knayc

- Sweden - Jultomten, literally 'Christmas Elf'

- Venezuela - Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus.

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