6 outdoor games for children

6 outdoor games for children

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An excursion to the countryside or the forest it is an adventure for a child. You will discover new trees, breathe fresh air and also can play without space limitations. But to what?

We offer you a list with 6 games for children outdoors. You can play with them as a family and organize a small Olympiad of fun challenges. Take aim!

Suppose you and your family plan a visit to the forest. Beyond classic games like the ball or the handkerchief, too we can surprise our son with a series of very fun games, with which you can even organize small 'family Olympics'. How about trying any of these games ?:

1. Guess which plant it is. A good sense of smell is needed above all for this game. Form teams in pairs. Of each pair, one will have to blindfold. The other will take you to an aromatic plant and just from the smell you will have to guess what it is. Then they will change and the one who had covered his eyes will now be the guide. A judge will write down how many plants each one hits.

2. The tower. For this game, you will need firewood to form two groups, since one group will compete against another. Thus, if there are four of you in the family, you can for example make a group of father with one son and mother with the other son. You have five minutes to collect all the dry sticks that you find on the ground and deposit them in a pile. It's about making the tower taller. Whoever gets the highest tower of clubs (without them falling off) wins.

3. The little monkeys. Find a tree with branches that are not too high. It will be the tree of the monkeys. You can ask your children to show their dexterity and agility by climbing up the branch. Time the time it takes. Whoever gets it in less time will win. Later, parents can try. You will see how fun!

4. In search of a tree. Look for an area with trees, but they must be the same number of participants minus two. If you are six, for example, you can only use four trees. This game is similar to the game of chairs: a song is heard while walking in a circle and when it stops, everyone must look for a tree and hug it. Two people will be left without a tree, and they will have to watch out for the next signal, to try to recover a tree.

5. The mole and the cat. For a couple, one of the two children will be the cat and the other, the mole. Whoever plays the mole must cover his eyes with a handkerchief. You will be guided by the other boy, the cat, along a set path with certain simple obstacles. Thus, the mole must pay attention to the cat's instructions, which will tell him how many steps to take, in what direction, if he has to bend down, if he has to crawl ... With this game, children will develop their ability to coordinate and orient yourself without using your sense of sight.

6. In search of the handkerchief. For this game you need to bring several tissues. You delimit an area of ​​the forest and hide the handkerchiefs. Then the game will begin: the rest must find all the tissues in a given time.

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