The city without colors. Stories to educate in values

The city without colors. Stories to educate in values

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This children's story talks about the pursuit of happiness, teaches children that smile and put on a good face to make our day a little happier, while sadness only generates more sadness.

A story that teaches the value of a smile. Could it be that a simple smile can bring color and joy to a gray day? Read this story to your child and then discover with him or her the value of a smile.

When little Violeta got up that morning, she saw with terror that her room had run out of colors.

- What happened? - The girl wondered, checking with relief that her hair was still red as fire and that her pajamas were still made of green squares.

Violeta looked out the window and observed in horror that not only her room, The whole city had turned gray and ugly! Ready to know what had happened, Violeta, dressed in a thousand colors, went out into the street.

Shortly after leaving his house, he met an old man dark as night taking out a dog so white that it was confused with nothing. He decided to ask her if she knew anything about why the colors had left town.

- Well, it's clear. People are sad and in a sad world there is no place for colors.

And he left with his darkness and his sadness. Shortly after, he came across a gray woman pulling a smudged cart and decided to ask her about the sadness in the world.

- Well, it's clear. People are sad because we have run out of colors.

- But if it is the colors that have left because of the sadness of the world ...

The woman shrugged her shoulders with a face of not understanding anything and continued walking. At that moment, a discolored squirrel passed by.

- Squirrel, do you know where the colors are? Some say that they have left because the world is sad, but there are others who say that it is the world that has become sad because of the absence of colors.

The discolored squirrel stopped eating its whitish chestnut, looked curiously at Violeta and exclaimed:

Without colors there is no joy and without joy there are no colors. Seek the joy and you will find the colors. Look for the colors and you will find joy.

Violeta was thoughtful for a moment. What an extraordinary thing that clever faded squirrel had just said!

The girl, increasingly determined to regain joy and colors, decided to visit her grandfather Filomeno. Grandfather Filomeno was an amateur painter and also the happiest person Violeta had ever met. Like her, Grandfather Filomeno had his beard hair red as fire and a smile as big and pink as a slice of watermelon. He sure knew how to fix that mess!

- Well, it's clear, Violeta: We have to paint joy with our colors.

- But that, how is it done?

- Very easy, Violeta. Think of something that makes you happy ...

- Play ball in a field of sunflowers.

- Perfect, then let's get to it ...

Violeta and Grandpa Filomeno painted a beautiful field of sunflowers on the gray walls of the school. A colorless policeman who was passing by wanted to call their attention, but Grandpa Filomeno with his watermelon smile asked him happily:

- Mister Police, tell us something that makes you happy ...

- Happy? A comfortable sofa next to a fireplace where you can read a good crime novel.

And that's how Violeta, Grandpa Filomeno, and that colorless policeman began to paint a huge fireplace with an armchair made of pictures. At that moment a very uptight woman without a hint of color approached them with a sullen face, but Grandpa Filomeno with his watermelon smile asked her happily:

- Faded lady, tell us something that makes you very happy ...

- Happy? In these gray times? Let me think… a bakery full of chocolate fritters.

Slowly, all the inhabitants of the city were joining that group and filling the city with murals full of wonderful things, that they all made them very happy. When they finished, the entire city had been filled with colors. They all smiled happily at those walls filled with bright oranges, navy blues, and deep greens. They were happy again and they were filled with colors again.

After the adventure, Grandfather Filomeno accompanied Violeta to her house. But when they were about to say goodbye, Violeta had a very big doubt:

- Grandpa, what if the colors go away again one day?

- If they leave we will have to smile again. Only then will we get them to return ...

And with his watermelon smile, Grandpa Filomeno turned around and continued on his way home.


1. What did Violeta notice when she got up one morning?

2. How did she see people on the streets of the city without colors?

3. Who did Violeta go to ask for advice so that the city would have colors again?

4. What did Violeta do for the city to recover its colors?

5. What do we have to do if one day our city loses its colors?

6. Did you like the story? Why?

7. What have you learned from this story?

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