Agreement between parents and children to manage the use of technology

Agreement between parents and children to manage the use of technology

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If you have decided to give your children their first mobile or tablet, we suggest that before they start using it, you sit down with them and regulate the use of the terminal. In this way, you will avoid later data security problems, device loss, cyber-addictions or cyberbullying.

We propose you to agree with the children and make an agreement between parents and children to manage the use of technology.

Make it clear that the phone is the property of parents, that we must know the access passwords, that there is a time limit for use or that the mobile should not isolate them from their friends, are some of the rules that we must make clear.

Let's think that in Spain 25% of 10-year-old children already have their own smartphone, and that this figure increases with age. 50% of 11-year-olds have a mobile and 95% of 15-year-olds own it! Among the Mexican population, six out of 10 children between the ages of 6 and 17 use a computer or tablet for different activities, 88.5% to access the Internet.

It is a new source of information, content and relationships with others that interferes with their education and personal development. For this reason, we believe that it is essential to establish some rules to protect minors from possible risks related to their use.

A great idea is the one proposed by the National Police in Spain. This body drew up a 20-point contract with rules for the proper use of your mobile, tablet and computer. Since children can be overwhelmed and exhausted at point 4, we have made a short version of this contract on our site to manage screen use at home.

1. ____________ will start using the new terminal with one of the parents and they will configure it together knowing all the applications will be used.

2. Parents undertake to teach the child to use the device and the various dangers that may be derived from its use.

3. ___________ agrees to his parents from the beginning to use the mobile phone, always complying with the established rules of time and places of use, avoiding taking the mobile to school or other areas that are not previously agreed.

4. ____________ assumes that, until he is a little older, his parents will always know the access codes and passwords of his new gadget and mail, pages, games, photos and videos, apps ... for their possible
supervision in security, privacy and adequate and respectful image of the content and actions that it performs.

5. Parents undertake not to read or supervise more than strict checking, respect the privacy of the new user with their REAL friends and understand that they have their own space to discuss their issues with their contacts, provided that the rules are respected and others.

6. The user will not download any application or participate in any social network without the knowledge of their parents since many of them have a minimum age of participation. Nor will you add anyone you do not know in real life or provide information about yourself.

7. In case of having problems, doubts or being harassed by anyone through the Internet, the user will tell their parents, to find a solution to the situation.

8. The new mobile user agrees not to take or share any intimate photo or that their family members would not find appropriate ... In the event that any offensive or harmful to someone arrives, they will delete it and demand that it not be forwarded .

9. The new user agrees not to use the Internet or mobile to harass, humiliate, offend or annoy any classmate, neighbor or acquaintance.

10. The new user has carefully read this user manual / agreement with parents and understands all the responsibilities it entails, not just the benefits. By signing it, you accept them and agree to comply with them.

Of course, despite the agreement, as a parent you have to take into account that children, just as they need training in other areas of their life, they also need it in the technological environment, always keep in mind that you have to:

- Install parental filters.

- Install antivirus.

- Know in which digital environments it moves.

- Control the responsible use of technology.

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