The danger of infrared rays for children's eyes

The danger of infrared rays for children's eyes

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exist different types of radiation Surely many parents have heard of the danger of ultraviolet radiation. However, little is said about infrared radiation, which is that which makes us feel heat from the sun or from some devices that also emit this type of radiation.

We must not only protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but we must also protect the eyes, especially that of children, as they are even more sensitive. We explain you cWhat is actually the danger of infrared rays for children's eyes. And most importantly: how to protect your eyes against this type of radiation.

There is a lot of talk about ultraviolet rays, about how we must protect ourselves from them because they penetrate directly and cumulatively into the skin and eyes. But very little is said about infrared rays, which are actually even more dangerous than ultraviolet, since they reach deeper layers of the skin and are capable of affecting, in the long run, the cornea and retina of the eyes.

In the long run, the union of ultraviolet rays (UVB) and infrared rays (IR), can alter the mechanism responsible for keeping the epidermis healthy. But they also directly affect the macular tissue and the eyes.

Like the rest of the sun's rays, its effects they accumulate both on the skin and in the tissue of the eyes. In the long run, sequelae may appear. Among the most serious damages, they can cause the eyes:

  • Retinal burns
  • waterfalls
  • Lens problems

According to the recommendations of José Ramón Carrasco, optometrist and commercial director of Indo Óptica, we should protect children's eyes from solar radiation, especially in times of special exposure and in places of maximum risk to the eyes, such as snow.

Protection must cover both ultraviolet and infrared rays. Both are invisible but very harmful to the eyes. In fact, on some occasions you may have noticed a redness of the eyelids after exposure to the sun. They can even cause burns. These are by the direct effect of infrared rays. Although the worst thing is that these rays are absorbed by the deeper layers and accumulate even in the retina.

The only way to protect children's eyes from infrared rays is by use of glasses with specific filters for this type of radiation. There are filters designed to protect against these rays that can be applied to day-to-day lenses, in prescription glasses, and filters that can be applied to the lenses of sunglasses, both in prescription glasses and in sunglasses without prescription. . These filters must be ordered from the optometrist.

In the event that the child wears contact lenses, there is also the possibility of ordering a filter for infrared radiation.

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