Advice on feeding the mother after childbirth

Advice on feeding the mother after childbirth

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After delivery, it is normal for the mother to feel physically and mentally exhausted, due to the effort she has made and to the hormonal changes, therefore it is essential during the first days to rest and have a healthy diet.

Pay attention to these fantastic advice on feeding the mother after childbirth.

After delivery, the mother must recover from a strong physical and mental effort. Plus, the work ahead and the few hours of sleep can take their toll. It is a crucial moment to take care of your diet. Discover which foods are the most beneficial after childbirth, either after a cesarean delivery due to natural delivery:

1. Feeding the mother after a cesarean delivery:

If the delivery was by caesarean section, the feeding for the first 24 hours will be a liquid diet based on natural broths, water, fruit compote water without sugar, infusions, gelatin without sugar ...

After the first 24 hours, tolerance towards foods is gradually tested, and a bland diet is included where they are included cooked vegetables, fish, or white meat (chicken, turkey), You can also include something whole grains, quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat bread.

In case the mother has diabetes or is obese Cesarean incision recovery will take longer to recoverTherefore, food and rest are essential to feel better.

2. Mother's diet after a normal delivery:

In the case that the delivery was normal, the mother can include a normal diet within a few hours based on vegetables, fruits, proteins of animal or vegetable origin, and also include liquids, whether they are natural broths, vegetable creams, infusions, and mainly water.

Whether the delivery was normal or by cesarean section, the first week care must be taken to include excess carbohydrates, since they can produce gas or bloating, for example large amounts of whole grains (pasta, rice), legumes (lentils, peas), excess sugars, sweeteners and vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, garlic, onion).

It is important consuming these foods but testing your tolerance in small amounts so as not to cause intestinal discomfort. Mom should pay attention to dairy foods too. You can start with plain yogurt.

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