Babies' reaction when their parents come home

Babies' reaction when their parents come home

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When my daughter was born, I allowed myself to dedicate two full years to her, to get to know her, learn to care for her and to be more with the princess of the house. I think I have learned more with her than she did with me. One of the things that I have learned with her was to value the little things and moments that sometimes we do not forget their importance.

One of them was to receive with great joy the arrival of a loved one. When her father came home from work, just hearing his voice, my little girl began to move her legs, her arms, and scream so much that she drool. It was exciting !!!!!

Now, quite old, she continues to do it, but in a different way. When she comes home, and her father is not there, she always asks me where he is. Now we are the ones who wonder where she is. We are the ones who get excited (without screaming or drooling, of course) when she comes home, telling us about her journey, her little things ...

How beautiful is the reunion, the hugs, the kisses, the warmth of the smiles, how beautiful the simplicity of affection is ... and all the feelings that are not transmitted only with words ... When watching this video, I confess that almost I get a little tear of emotion. I couldn't help but smile or miss such a sweet and beautiful stage of my baby.

If you want to feel this tenderness, watch this video, and you will see that it will bring you good memories of your baby's encounters with his dad.

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