The emperor's new suit. Children's story for children

'The Emperor's New Clothes' is a very popular classic tale, written by Hans Christian Andersen. It tells the story of an emperor who was scammed into buying some fabrics, but no one dared to tell him the truth, until finally a child managed to make him 'open his eyes'.

Enjoy our version of this story and take the opportunity to reflect with your child on the message of the story: Don't believe what everyone tells you. They may not dare to tell the truth. Value people who are capable of contradicting others and have the courage and courage to speak their minds.

Many years ago there lived an Emperor who spent all his income always wearing new suits. He had a suit for every occasion and time of day. The city in which the Emperor lived was very lively and cheerful. Every day weavers came from all over the world to weave the most wonderful costumes for the Emperor.

One day two bandits appeared who were posing as weavers, claiming to weave the most beautiful fabrics, with original colors and designs. The Emperor was fascinated and immediately gave the two bandits a good cash advance so that they could get to work as soon as possible.

The thieves set up a loom and pretended they were working. And in the meantime, they were supplied from the finest silks and the best quality gold. But the Emperor, eager to see the fabrics, sent the old and worthy minister to the room occupied by the two so-called weavers. Upon entering the room, the minister got a good scare 'God help us! But I don't see anything! '

But he did not say a word. The two bandits begged him to come closer and asked him if he did not find the colors and drawings magnificent. They pointed to the empty loom and the poor man kept his eyes wide, seeing nothing. But the bandits insisted: 'Don't you say anything about the fabric?'

The frightened man ended up saying that he thought everything was very beautiful, wonderful and that he would tell the Emperor that he had liked everything. And so he did. The scammers asked for more money, more gold and they granted it. Soon after, the Emperor sent another minister to inspect the work of the two bandits. And the same thing happened to him as the first.

But he came out just as convinced that there was something, that the work was formidable. The Emperor wanted to see the wonder with his own eyes. Followed by his entourage, he headed for the scammers' house. Upon entering, he saw nothing. The bandits asked him about the admirable work and the Emperor thought:

'How! I do not see anything. That's terrible. Am I a fool or am I not an emperor? It would be awful. ' Afraid of losing his position, the emperor said:

- Oh yeah, she's very pretty. I like it a lot. I approve it. All of his entourage looked and looked at him. And they did not understand the Emperor who did not tire of praising suits and fabrics.

And it was proposed to release the dresses in the next procession. The Emperor decorated each of the scoundrels and named them imperial weavers. Without seeing anything, the Emperor tried on the suits, in front of the mirror. He tested and failed them, seeing nothing at all. And they all exclaimed: - How good it suits you! It's a gorgeous outfit!

Outside, the procession awaited him. And the Emperor went out and paraded through the streets of the town without wearing any suit. Nobody allowed others to realize that they saw nothing, so as not to be considered incapable or stupid, until suddenly a child exclaimed:

- But he's not wearing anything!

- Good God, listen to the voice of innocence! Said his father; and everyone was repeating in his ear what the little boy had just said.

- He's not wearing anything; it is a child who says he is not wearing anything!

"But he's not wearing anything!" The entire town finally shouted.

This disturbed the Emperor, for he suspected that the people were right; but he thought: 'We have to endure to the end.' And he remained more haughty than before; and the valets continued to hold the non-existent queue.


Take advantage of this story to improve your child reading comprehension. You can reflect with him about the message this story conveys, and check if he understood it. We offer you some questions to guide you:

  1. What was the emperor looking for?
  2. What did they sell you instead of cloth?
  3. How did they convince the emperor that there was actually a suit where there appeared to be nothing?
  4. What did the people say when they saw the naked emperor?
  5. Who finally said that the emperor was naked?

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