Discovering beauty. Children's story about the beauty of differences

Discovering beauty. Children's story about the beauty of differences

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We must teach children that inner beauty it is much more important than the exterior. That someone different on the outside can offer us many interesting things that do not jump at first glance is an important lesson that all parents must instill in children to avoid child bullying.

"Discovering Beauty" is a story for children about the beauty that exists in differences of people.

Angela was different. And that's why many children laughed at her. He had very big ears and his hair was always frizzy. His complexion, more than white, was marbled and his freckles were like small circles that dotted his entire body with an intense red. His arms hung from his shoulders like unkempt wires. And all this he adorned himself with huge colored glasses that hid his small round eyes.

However, Angela was happy. It knew different in his physical appearance, but he knew that in his heart he was the same as other children. She also liked to play, dress up, read, go to the field, play sports, enjoy the park ... She was not afraid to be different, because her grandmother had taught her since she was little that differences do not subtract, on the contrary, they always add up.

However, every day Angela had to put up with the jokes and insults from the rest of the children. José was the leader and the hardest on her. He urged the rest of his friends to compete to see who did the harshest and cruellest insult. But when he was alone, without his crew, he was always silent because deep down he was a chicken.

One day when everyone was playing in the park, Marta, José's grandmother, appeared. This had vision problems and it was his grandson's weakness. José adored her and always took care of her. Marta, when she was young, had been a painter and an art teacher at school. He adored colors and knew how to discover and enjoy what others could not see.

Marta, when she discovered Angela in the park, she knew value their beauty. It had been many years since she felt so happy and content. José, when he realized what was happening and saw that Angela was the one who awakened the lost happiness of his grandmother. Marta realized how badly she had behaved with little Angela. He quickly approached her to apologize for all the damage he had done to her over time. From that day on, Angela and José became inseparable friends.

Find out if your child has understood the text through these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • Why was Angela different?
  • Did she feel bad for being different?
  • Why were schoolmates picking on them?
  • What did Angela have inside that nobody could see?
  • Is there someone at your school who has that problem?

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