The danger of going to childbirth with painted nails

The danger of going to childbirth with painted nails

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When we get pregnant our body undergoes very drastic changes. That means that what normally did not affect you at all can now be a real problem, and even your most harmless habits, as can be To paint the nails, stop being a good idea.

We tell you what are the Dangers of wearing painted nails during pregnancy and childbirth.

Although surely you have the most beautiful nails than ever, since pregnancy can have many disadvantages but also many advantages, and this is one of them, the truth is that painting your nails while you are expecting a baby It's not a good idea.

The reason is that toxic components that carry the chemical compounds that make up nail polish, such as toluene, dibutylphthalate, or formaldehyde, say it can seep through the skin's walls and reach the embryo, which could cause significant damage In its development.

There are no conclusive studies on this, but doctors try to warn that it is better not risk, and if you feel an irrepressible desire to paint your nails while pregnant, better use toxic-free polishes.

Nor does the perspective improve the fact that acetone to be removed is enamel, it is also harmful for your baby, although the amount necessary to really pose a problem is not known.

The same happens with hair dyes, or some strong makeup, as well as that suddenly you start to get allergies to certain products when it had never happened before, so we must also take special care with beauty creams and makeup.

What is important to keep in mind is that, at the time of birth of your baby, do not wear nails painted, neither of the hands nor of the feet, since this interferes in the work of the doctors and can be a real danger for you.

The danger is that the color of the nails and lips reflects the oxygen level you have in your blood. If the area begins to darken, it means that you have low oxygen in your blood and an immediate medical intervention is required, but if the nails are covered with lacquer of another color, you cannot really check their color.

The same goes for facial makeup, If we cover the color of the skin or the lips with a thick makeup, we will be divine to death while we push for our baby to come out, but we will run the risk that the doctor does not know if our blood circulation carries enough oxygen to the brain.

Our recommendation, as well as that of the doctors, is that pregnancy by itself is sure to feel great without the need for makeup, and if it is not necessary, avoid anything that may pose a possible risk to your baby.

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