Day of the Virgin of Montserrat, April 27. Names for girls

Day of the Virgin of Montserrat, April 27. Names for girls

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Montserrat is a name for a girl of Catalan origin that means "mountain in the shape of a saw". A name originating in Catalonia, but one that has been accepted very easily in the rest of Spain.

It is a traditional name that refers to the appearance of the Virgin on the mountain of the same name, but over time it has lost its religious connotations and has become a very popular name. Celebrate your name day April 27, which is the day of the Virgin of Montserrat.

Due to the meaning of its name, Montserrat has an open and friendly character, which is why it triumphs in social relationships. Her sympathy and generosity make her a person appreciated by all those close to her. In addition, Montserrat has an enormous capacity for effort that is especially dedicated to guaranteeing the safety and well-being of its family and friends.

The name Montserrat It is hardly known outside the Hispanic sphere and it enjoys special popularity even today in Catalonia. Its diminutive Montse reinforces the sweet character of the girls called Montserrat, since the full name can sometimes be too loud. However, Montserrat is still a strong name that is perfect for any girl.

We know many personalities that bear your daughter's name, especially writers, poets and journalists like Montserrat DomĂ­nguez. It should be said that nowadays Montserrat is used mainly as a girl's name, but in times it was used interchangeably for both girls and boys.

Without doubt, the popularity of this name is due to the Virgin of Montserrat and to the legend of how the image of this dark-haired Virgin was found by some shepherds thanks to a strange glow. But there is a woman who has carried your daughter's name to all corners of the world and she is none other than the opera singer Montserrat Caballé.

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