The bird closed its beak. Children's story to teach not to criticize

We all know someone like that ... Those people who show off and show off while criticizing others without regard. If you recognize your child in this case or, you simply think that it is important for him to learn that he should not criticize for the pleasure of criticizing, do not stop reading "The bird closed its beak."

It is an original short children's story to teach not to criticize. This story conveys a beautiful lesson to children. At we love stories that transmit values ​​to children.

A bird flew through the sky observing the life of a small mole with dense fur and short legs. He was always harshly criticizing his way of life in front of other animals:

- What a boring life! Always digging long tunnels and living underground, how unhappy he must be!

One morning, he came ashore and said very loudly to make sure the mole heard what he was saying:

- How can you be happy with such a boring life?

- I fly all over the world, - he said, stretching his wings, I know freedom, I enjoy the landscapes and, when I look at the ground I see that you are buried, every day the same! And to top it off you are blind, oh, what a pain you give me!

Then, the mole very calm to the surprise of the bird replied:

- I am not blind, I see little, my eyes are my nose and I do not put it in matters that do not concern me. Underground I dig tunnels and that makes me feel good. I am happy with I have it, because I don't need more.

And the bird closed its beak.

Have you already read the story? Now you know that it was about a vain bird that mercilessly criticized a small mole, but this one, silenced him with a truth that the bird could not deny. Check that your child has understood the meaning of the story correctly by asking these reading comprehension questions:

- Who is the protagonist of this story?

- In front of whom are you strutting vain?

- What lesson did the bird learn?

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