The cough from my wrist. Poems from Latin America for children

Short poems are ideal to introduce the little ones to the world of reading. If they're also fun, we'll make sure to get the child's attention.

'The cough of my wrist' is a poem by the Argentine writer Germán Berdiales, one of the precursors of children's literature. His poems are short, funny and very simple so that children can understand them without difficulty.

has a slight cough.

(to cough) (to cough)

I, who immediately grieve,

I called the doctor.

Serious and quiet, to the sick

long examined,

already looking at his watch.

The doll was pale.

I was shaking with excitement.

In the end the doctor said,

lowering his voice a lot:

- This cough only heals

with a candy or two.

In addition to encourage interest in reading, to improve your child's attention and concentration and to strengthen memory, with this poetry you can also improve his reading comprehension. Use these simple questions to find out if your child understood what you just read:

1. What happens to the doll?

2. What did the doctor do to examine the doll?

3. What did the doctor prescribe for the doll?

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