The monkey Micolás is lost. Fable for children about dangers

The monkey Micolás is lost. Fable for children about dangers

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One of the biggest scares that parents can have is that the child disappears from our sight. That is why instill in him the importance of do not get away from us, or to notify us when you are going to go somewhere, it is essential. Teach him not to hang out with strangers and be cautious with strangers it can help you in many aspects of your life.

With the fable of the monkey Micolás is lost We will be able to teach children the consequences of moving away from their parents without warning.

The Monkey MicolásI was very happy. He had just arrived with his parents in the Jungle of the Macaques. It was a theme park specially designed for monkeys. It had all kinds of attractions: huge palm trees to climb, coconut shooting, vines to swing from on high, a huge bamboo slide… there was everything!

The problem is that the park was huge and the distances between the games, very long. Mico's parents feared that the little monkey could be lost.

- We will accompany you - said the mother

- No, mom, really, I can go alone

- So, let's make a pact: Your father and I will wait at the rubber tree and every time you want to change funYou come and tell us where you are going, so we can stay calm.

Micolás nodded and ran toward the first activity: the climbing wall. He had a lot of fun getting to the top, but instead of telling his parents that he was going to go to the lianas, he went directly. He was swinging there for a long time and doing pirouettes.

Afterward, he thought he saw his friends, the triplets, in line for the bamboo slide and wanted to go with them.Forgetting the deal, went into the park, without the parents knowing.

After a while, the little monkey realized that he had become disoriented and did not know theway to return to the rubber tree, or to the slide.

- I'm lost! - He thought scared - and now what can I do?

I was trying to find a solution, when it started to rain heavily.

- Oh no! What was missing! I have gotten myself into a lot of trouble! - He said aloud, while looking for a clue that would lead him to a known place.

When Micolás passed by some wooden huts, an ape with a bad appearance offered him shelter from the rain, but the little monkey remembered that he did not have toTalk to strangers and he ran out very anguished.

Luckily, after a few meters, Mico met the park ranger and he accompanied him to the rubber tree where his parents were waiting very worriedly. The little monkey hugged them affectionately, promising not to go away again without warning them.

Moral: Never walk away without warning, or danger may lurk.

Find out if your child have understood the message of this children's fable by asking a few simple questions about the story.

Reading comprehension is one of the first steps to a love of reading.

- Where did the little monkey Micolás go?

- What did your parents ask you to do?

- Why do you think the little monkey left without notifying his parents?

- What happened?

- Do you think it could happen to you?

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