When to start breastfeeding on demand with the baby

When to start breastfeeding on demand with the baby

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We have heard a lot about the benefits of breastfeeding on demand. However, many moms have some doubts about this. Still many pediatricians and midwives continue to advise that during the first days the baby gets used to a series of specific feedings. So when to start breastfeeding on demand?

Breastfeeding expert and advisor Alba Padró explains when to start breastfeeding on demand with our baby and what exactly does it consist of.

You've surely heard about the benefits of breastfeeding on demand. At the end, it is the baby and his mother who decide how many drinks and at what time of day. But nevertheless, breastfeeding on demand is not recommended out of the box.

Actually, breastfeeding on demand means that the baby can eat and feed when he needs it, both day and night. There will be babies who need more feedings and others who need less. Nevertheless, It is not advisable to start from the first moment with breastfeeding on demand. During the first 15 days or until the baby does not regain his birth weight, it is best to respect a series of daily feedings. In this case it is called Offer lactation: the mother should offer food to the baby even if he does not ask for it. We explain why:

- At first the baby may be very asleep and not being able to wake up despite feeling like you need to feed.

- The baby may have lost a lot of weight in the first hours after birth.

- Ideally, the newborn should between 8 and 12 take days in 24 hours. Some babies are not able to order for themselves that number of feedings in the first days of birth.

- Sleeping does not feed. In this case, if a newborn is sleeping all day, he will have some deficiencies in his diet if the breast is not offered. In the case of sleepy babies, it is advisable to wake them up to feed during the first days after delivery.

- In the case of premature babies, with any disease or babies who are unable to gain weight, keep breastfeeding on offer for a longer time, at least the first weeks, and if they are not able to breastfeed, use the mother's milk expression .

- If the baby spends the first days sleeping and does not get used to suckling, it can jeopardize the success of breastfeeding.

The way to organize the shots on offer depends on the activity of the baby: some newborns prefer to take more feeds during the day and others, however, are more active at night.

Once the baby regains his birth weight, you will be able to order the food you need on demand. Now is the time to start breastfeeding on demand. but not only at the demand of the baby, but also at the demand of the nursing mother. In some cases the mother has a surplus of milk that could cause breast problems. In this case, she may also be the one to offer the baby the breast to empty the breast.

Source: Alba Padró, Expert in breastfeeding and founder of LactApp

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